Roja Parfums Baies de Suisse Candle
Roja Parfums Baies de Suisse Candle

Roja Parfums Baies de Suisse Candle (300g)

Roja Parfums
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Roja Parfums Baies de Suisse
"Delectable & Juicy Sweetness - Fruity"
Fruit facet: Fresh, sweet, warm & soft

The abundant pleasures of the great outdoors are brought to life through a delicious harvest of succulent berries. Late into the summer, fruits in deep, rich reds and glossy blacks cloak the meadows and woodlands, heralding nature’s final bounty. Drenched in deep orange sunlight, the rolling beauty of the Swiss landscape gently carries the ripe, sweet scent of berries on its crisp, clear breeze.” - Roja Dove


The Roja award-winning candles truly celebrate British craftsmanship; each is hand made in England celebrating traditional British artisanal candle-making skills.

The perfumed oil is carefully stirred into the wax, then poured into the jar by hand to ensure the perfume will be delivered evenly when the candle is burned.

The gold-plaqued, hand-finished glass candles, which have one wick, are 300g and burn for over 60 hours. 


Created by British Perfumer Roja Dove, Roja Parfums is widely recognised as the world’s most luxurious fragrance house.

Roja is equally well-known for his creative perfumery style, with The New York Times considering him “A master tailor of scent”, The Telegraph “One of the most significant ‘noses’ of this century”, and GQ U.K. “The high priest of perfume”.
When it comes to luxury fragrance, there is really nothing quite like Roja Parfums.


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Gold-plaqued, hand finished glass candles.